About Me

Who is Christopher Farcher

Currently I am residing in the state of New York and I have recently finished many years of long tedious college. I went to college in New York to get my bachelors degree in Physical Education & then decided to further my education & I received my Masters Degree in Health Education as well. Throughout my college career I made a solid income with the combination of online work & substitute teaching. Now that I have my degree’s I still occassionally work as a part-time sub but mainly my revenue comes from my online work.

My Online Career: I started working online in the year 2007 when I was looking for an additional income stream that I could add to substitute teaching while I was finishing college. The various programs that I came across were actually quite terrible. I was joining sites that allowed you open surveys, emails, watch videos or even do daily tasks for other advitisers to gain some money. The problem with these sites was they rarely gave you enough work to cash out and really you could only earn a few bucks a day at most.  To be honest I was quite discouraged and had the attitude that all work online was a scam or that it just wasn’t possible to bring in real money from home that way. At my ends rope I actually came across an email from another marketer promoting an affiliate company. I decided to take a look and was highly impressed. The company was called Acme People Search & it was attached to a business Global Domains International.  At this point my new passion and hunger for learning developed & I took a huge step into the world of making money online.

Acme/GDI Experience: This was probably the most exciting and interesting experience that ever happened to me because I became so passionate about learning and understanding how to make money online. The honest truth is between college I stopped subbing and started working more than 14 hours a day trying to understand how to market on the internet. My friends and family thought I was crazy, but I honestly didn’t mind putting in the time because I enjoyed what I was doing and wanted to reach that dream of becoming a successful internet marketer.  The team I was working with was extremly smart & it opened my eyes to so many things that are possible. I learned how use automation tools, search engine optimazition, building a list, free marketing, paid advertising and basically how to dominate social media. Now with all this hard work and learning, sadly I wasn’t seeing the return in funds.  Every week I would reach the “LeaderBoard” with GDI and bring in a bunch of affiliates to Acme People Search but that only scrapped me a few hundred bucks for the week, while I was putting in over 50 hours a week at least.  My team climbed to over a thousand members & it was exciting to think that every month I was going to receive $1000.00 in residual income from all my hardwork. 

The Sad Truth

As my team climbed into the thousand mark I started to see a terrible trend. The people joining my team couldn’t duplicate what I was doing. They either couldn’t comprehend all the knowledge that I learned and techniques that I was using or they simply didn’t have the time to put into the business like I did. With people not building a team of their own, they weren’t making money & were quitting. My team of a thousand was constantly dropping faster than I could build it.  I asked my friend about this situation and his team of over three thousand was having the same problems at twice the speed. This was heart breaking news to me. I wasted almost a year of sitting infront of the computer putting in so many hours of hard dedicated work so that I could be a self made millionair from online marketing. It was at this point that I decided to stop Affiliate Marketing & was going to focus back on the real world and a “real” job. 

Empower Network Review

Two Year Break: I was almost disgusted with the internet that I couldn’t even look at it. At this point I received my bachelors degree & put two more years into my Masters Degree so I could find a teaching job when I was all done. As the time went by I was receiving some small checks from Global Domains International from the work I had put in those many years again but the funds were between $100 and $50 at this point. College was nearing it’s end and I decided it was time to really live life. I wasted a lot of money and time having fun and just not doing much of anything. Once my funds were almost up I knew it was time to get a jobs and to start looking for a career in teaching. Unexpectadly my girlfriend got pregnant and a trigger went off in my brain that said, “I need to support my family”.   It was at this point that I decided to open up my laptop and dive back into old things. 

Real Income

I can’t explain it but since I was older and worrying about being able to support my new son when he would arrive I wasn’t really into learning but more into Making Money. First I joined a website that was educational based. It was a tutoring website that allowed me to make fast money and actually a lot of it. I worked on their for almost a year. With all of my past experiences and information that I had learned from that one affiliate program in 2007, I came up with a way to make fast direct sales on this site but also a REAL RESIDUAL INCOME through my expertise in online marketing.  Most of the tutors on that site simply answered a question and got paid. I would specifically target keywords and get my products ranked on the search engines because I knew if one student needed help in this area other students would be looking. At one point I had put up over 5000 products that were selling daily and I was making a $50 to $75 a day residual income.  Truly I couldn’t believe it because I went from spending so much time and energy on an affiliate program making penny’s to the dollar to pulling in almost $30,000.00 a year on auto-pilot with an additional $25,000.00 from direct sales.  As the year almost ended the site i was working on started to change some rules & started to see my income decrease . I quickly decided that I needed to learn how to build my own websites and become more of a professional & my own business person rather than work for someone else.

WordPress Websites: At this point in my life things were actually going great. My girlfriend was about ten months pregnant, I had my bachelors and masters degree & I was making a solid income from the website I was working on as a tutor/affiliate. Since I noticed changes coming about I wanted to take what I was doing and to build my own sites so I could receive 100% of my sales. As much as I was making on the other site, they were taking 20 to 40 % of all my work which in my eyes was CRAZY. So I got into wordpress & started talking with some of my old affiliate partners. They really helped me learn how to properly set a website up, purchase the correct domains and what to add to the wordpress site to make it fully optimizable for the Search Engines.

It took me about two full months to really build my own first two websites but I am so happy that I decided to do that. Knowing how to build your own site and to connect it with PayPal or a shopping cart to make sales is so rewarding. My two websites took off and I was making almost $50 to $70 a day. This was so much more rewarding because I knew these were my products, my website & no changes ever had to be made because I was the “BOSS”. 

The Path I’m On Now 2012

So now I make a nice income from the first affiliate website I was on and my own websites have thousands of products on them as well which sell daily for me. Within the year I have built many mini-sites based around similair niches and sell products consistently on them as well. Occasionally I get out in the world to substitute teach just to make a quick $100 for the day and to maybe find a full-time job to add into this revenue. When people say can you really make a full-time income online the answer is yes….you just have to find the right place.  

From my experiences affiliate marketing never works out. Most companies have amazing compensation plans, tools, techniques, coaching, training, you name it but it always comes down to people doing hard work to find more people & then hoping those people can duplicate what you do.  Ninety percent of the time unfortunately this won’t happen, so even the best internet marketers around the world rarely pull in over $30,000.00 a year and with the amount of time spent, trust me working from home is NO LUXURY.

Now I am not 100 % bashing affiliate marketing because to be honest with you about three weeks ago I actually came across a company that is amazing. I joined after two days of hard research & am extremly happy with my deciscion. This business is like most with a great compensation plan, tools, matrix to build a team with but what set’s them a part is they give people the opportunity to earn daily cash rewards from a profit sharing pool. WOAH…What?  Yeah it sounds confusing but trust me it is so easy that you actually post 1 ad a day & can earn from this pool. I am bringing in yet another stream of income from this now and in the next year can’t wait to see where this thing goes. 

My Closing & Goals

I am highly dedicated to helping people understand how to make money online. You can use the contact form above or reach me at CMFARCHER@GMAIL.COM. You can also contact me on skype at FARSHAY1.   It’s important for people to have a good leader and I think I am one of the best candidates out their. I have been through just about everything and yet I came out on top. My skills and strategies are quite good and I know what business you should and should not be involved with.

  • Teach people how to understand how to market online.
  • Explain the power of blogs and ranking on Google / Search Engines.
  • Showing people how to make $50 a day at least so they can have that second income for their families.

by, Christopher Farcher